History of Embroidery Designs through the Ages

As we all know embroidery is, the art of decorating things by stitching on it. Initially, it was just with the use of needle and yarns, but as days passed, innovation and creativity introduced the use of beads, pearls, stones and metal strips. People resorted to machines for more accuracy and precision than hand embroidery.

The history of embroidery is as old as sewing itself. With the habit of clothing the use of stitching grew. People had to mend worn out and torn clothes for reuse. They started making simple designs while mending the distressed materials to make them look a little more attractive for the user. They used stones, bones, seeds and metal strips to decorate their clothes further.

The earliest samples of embroidery, mainly hand embroidery were obtained from countries like, Egypt, China, Persia, India, Russia and England. Each of the country had its own trademark style and pattern of designs based in its culture and tradition. Even the colors used for embroidery had a distinct flavor of the country it belonged to.

A fossil of a hunter dated back to 30,000 B.C. was found from Russia in 1964. The fur clothing of the fossil was heavily embroidered with ivory beads

The use of drilled shells in stitches was used in 6000 B.C. in China. The Chinese used precious stones and pearls for embroidering with silk threads around 500 A.D.

The Victorian Era saw the first initiation of machines in embroidering. It was during this period that bead embroidery gained much popularity. Finer needles and smaller beads were manufactured and used to increase the finesse in embroidering clothing as well as home furnishings.

Machine embroidering evolved after the industrial revolution. It also brought about the use of other yarns like wool, and rayon. Gradually the technique grew, evolving more and more complex machines for creating designs on many types of fabrics.

The modern period developed computers and software to digitize embroidery designs and create embroidery. It has made creating designs easier and faster. It has also helped us to access designs from all over the world. Digitizing has also made difficult designs like wing tattoos and license plates to be easily transferred and stitched. The modern embroidery machines are made to stitch intrinsic patterns with lesser mistakes and accurate specifications.

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